In the research training group "Laser and tip-based nanofabrication", design strategies as well as overall concepts and computer-aided tools for nanopositioning nanomessing and nanofabrication machines are developed. A result of the first generation of PhD students, based in large part on work in the field, is a novel 5-axis nanofabrication machine. The second generation is working on establishing the fundamentals for sensor- and actuator-integrated mechanical functional groups for actuation systems with subatomic resolution.
The use of new materials in precision machines and devices (high-performance ceramics, Zerodur, quartz glass, mineral casting, momocrystalline silicon, functional surface coatings) is being investigated. Special attention is being paid to concrete as a material in the ZIM joint research project "Innovative machine frames with precision guide surfaces based on special concrete", in which the foundations were laid with the Bauhaus University Weimar and industrial partners.


The department is represented in the bachelor, master and diploma programs with courses in mechanical engineering, automotive engineering, optronics and industrial engineering.

Courses are held in the form of lectures, exercises, seminars and practical training in the following areas:

Precision Mechanical Function Groups 1, 2 and 3
Machine and Equipment Design
Precision Mechanical Practical Course


Here you can view the theses recorded in the University Library as well as patent applications and lectures held.



The team of the department lead by Prof. Theska consists of young scientists.

The employees are supported in their research projects by students in the context of their qualifying work. In the research projects there is close cooperation with research institutes and industrial partners.

You will find us on the upper campus opposite the large lecture hall in the Newton Building.