Research Focus:


In the research training group "Tip and laser-based 3D nanofabrication in extended macroscopic workspaces (NanoFab), design strategies as well as overall concepts and computer-aided tools for nanopositioning nanomessing and nanofabrication machines are developed. A result of the first generation of PhD students, based in large part on work in the field, is a novel 5-axis nanofabrication machine. The second generation is working on establishing the fundamentals for sensor- and actuator-integrated mechanical functional groups for actuation systems with subatomic resolution.

The use of new materials in precision machines and devices (high-performance ceramics, Zerodur, quartz glass, mineral casting, momocrystalline silicon, functional surface coatings) is being investigated. Special attention is being paid to concrete as a material in the ZIM joint research project "Innovative machine frames with precision guide surfaces based on special concrete", in which the foundations were laid with the Bauhaus University Weimar and industrial partners.

  • Design strategies as well as overall concepts for nanopositioning

  • Simulation, design, calculation dimensioning and experimental investigation of high-precision planar material-paired bearings, guides and mechanisms

  • Torque standard measuring equipment for the representation measurement and transmission of small torques with improved measurement uncertainty

  • Frame systems with integrated high-precision functional surfaces in concrete as an alternative to natural hard stone

  • Novel concepts and adjustment strategies for high-precision load cells to improve the measurement uncertainty in the transmission of the kilogram

  • Force measuring devices for smallest forces with lowest measurement uncertainty

  • Highly reproducible mechanical interfaces for changing probes and tools in nanometrology - and nanofabrication

  • Energy-autonomous positioning systems for use in precision engineering


Internal, interdisciplinary cooperations:

External collaborations:

  • Universities worldwide

  • Non-university research institutions and national measurement institutes worldwide

  • Industry cooperations worldwide


Funding organization:

  • DFG

  • BMBF

  • BMWi

  • industy