Structure of the Staff Council

The Staff Council is composed of representatives of the two groups of employees at the university, employees and civil servants. In addition, there is a separate representation for young employees and trainees who, together with the staff council, represent the specific interests of this group of employees. There is close cooperation with the representative body for employees with severe disabilities and the equal opportunities officer. The regular election period of the staff council is five years. The current electoral term ends on May 31, 2027, therefore a staff council election will take place between March and May 2027. The staff council at the TU Ilmenau currently consists of 13 members and is made up of representatives of the employee groups

  • Group of employees (12 members) and

  • Group of civil servants (1 members)

The various issues that appear in the different groups can be best understood by the staff council members who belong to these employee groups, because they know the work areas and conditions on site.


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Chairman: Marko Hennhöfer

Deputy chairman: Constanze Höhn

Visiting address: Max-Planck-Ring 14, 98693 Ilmenau, room 3250

Mailing address: P.O. Box 10 05 65, 98684 Ilmenau

+49 3677 69-2505

The Staff council Has the Following General Tasks:

to propose measures that serve the staff

to ensure that the laws, collective agreements, and administrative orders are obeyed

receive suggestions and complaints from employees and, if they appear justified, work towards their resolution by negotiating with the president of the university

to promote the integration and professional development of severely disabled people and other vulnerable people, especially older people

to promote the integration of foreign employees and the understanding between them and the German employees

to promote the implementation of actual equality between women and men according to the Thuringian Equal Opportunities Act

to propose measures for the promotion of severely disabled people and to work towards the goals of the inclusion agreements according to § 166 of the ninth book of the Social Security Code

to work closely with the youth and apprenticeship representatives to pick up the concerns of the employees named in § 57

work towards safeguarding data protection for all employees

to promote the work-life balance.

Collective Agreements

Collective agreements are regulations made between the university board and the staff council on matters that are not already determined by laws and that affect all employees or large parts thereof. Subject matter of regulation is often the behavior of the employees in the office, questions of performance and behavior control or the handling of personal data of the employees. The following collective agreements apply at the TU Ilmenau:

  • Collective agreement for alternating remote work at the Technical University of Ilmenau

  • Collective agreement to grant financial rewards

  • Collective agreement on working hours

  • Collective agreement for the introduction and operation of data processing systems (DP systems)

  • Collective agreement on work clothes

  • Collective agreement on the use of the telecommunications system

  • Collective agreement for further training

  • Collective agreement on the protection of non-smokers at the TU Ilmenau

  • Collective agreement for the introduction and operation of the Meta Directory with the source and target systems connected to it

  • Collective Agreement on the procedure for filling vacancies at the TU Ilmenau

  • Collective agreement on the introduction and operation of information systems with chip card usage

If you have any questions about collective agreements or specific regulations, please contact the chairman of the staff council.