Transformation Fund of the TU Ilmenau 2024

TU Ilmenau is participating in the Germany-wide DEAL contracts with Elsevier, Springer and Wiley since 2024. The costs for these contracts are generally based on the publication figures, although Springer (until 2026) and Wiley (until 2025) may have lower or upper cost limits for a transitional period.

At TU Ilmenau, an Open Access Transformation Fund has been set up in 2024, consisting of financial resources from the faculties and the university library. This transformation fund serves to finance the publication costs for articles in the hybrid journals of the mentioned three publishers as well as for the limited article contingent included in the Open Access component of the contract with IEEE.

The regularly updated reporting page on the TU Ilmenau intranet shows the expenditure status of the Transformation Fund.

Which costs are recorded in reporting?

The Transformation Fund is used exclusively to finance costs for articles in the hybrid journals and for the contingent articles of the agreement with IEEE (note article types subject to a charge*). Table 1 gives an overview of the publisher-specific total costs per article. The expenditure status of the Transformation Fund already takes into account the publisher-specific discounts that reduce the total expenditure of the fund.

After acceptance of a manuscript, the Open Access services of the University Library confirm the affiliation of the corresponding author to TU Ilmenau and document the associated costs for the transformation fund.

Article fees in the Fully Open Access journals of the DEAL publishers are not settled via the Transformation Fund and therefore do not appear in the reporting. The Open Access Publication Fund with its specific funding conditions is still available for the financial support of such articles.

*Article types subject to charges:
Elsevier: Full Length Articles, Review Articles, Case Reports, Data in Brief, Microarticle, Original Software Publication, Protocol, Replication Study, Short Communication, Short Survey, Video Article
Springer: Original Papers, Review Papers, Brief Communications
Non-research articles (Editorial Notes, Book Reviews, Letters, Reports) are no longer subject to fees.
Wiley: Primary Research Articles, Review Articles


Table 1: Overview of publisher-specific total costs per article (gross, incl. service fee)

Publisher (article category) Article costs
DEAL Elsevier Hybrid € 2,914.00
DEAL Elsevier CPTL Hybrid € 7,330.10
DEAL Springer Hybrid € 3,175.56
DEAL Wiley Hybrid TIER 1 € 3,803.24
DEAL Wiley Hybrid TIER 2 € 3,276.92
DEAL Wiley Hybrid TIER 3 € 2,692.12
IEEE Hybrid and Gold € 3,435.53

Details on the price categories:Publisher-specific Open Access agreements