Receiving applications for patents, models, designs and trademarks

The PATON | Patent Center Thuringia is the official office for receiving applications for property rights. The following applications are accepted:

  • National patent applications
  • National utility model applications
  • European patent applications
  • International patent applications
  • National trademark applications
  • National design applications

The application documents can be submitted in room 4024 during the opening hours. Outside opening hours, documents can be posted in the letterbox in front of the entrance of No. 37, Langewiesener Strasse. This letterbox can be used around the clock.

The submitted documents are marked with the appropriate receipt stamp to register the date of priority and are sent to the Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt (German Patent and Trademark Office) for further processing. Please also note that the letterbox is designed for letters up to a size of 32 x 35 x 5 cm.

You can also send your application documents to PATON | Patent Center Thuringia by post or fax (fax number: +49 (0)3677 69 4538).

Communications of the President of the Deutsche Patent- und Markenamt No. 4/2006 on submitting documents at Patent Information Center


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