Patent Management for Thuringian Universities (PATON-PTH)

PATON-PTH (Patent Management for Thuringian Universities), a department of PATON | Patent Center Thuringia, was founded as Thüringer Patentverwertungsagentur (Thuringian Patent Marketing Agency) in August 2002. In general, PATON-PTH advises Thuringian universities in the field of the patent system and also seeks commercial values in sciences and research at universities. This approach refers to the assessment of innovations and their economic value; the monitoring of patent protection and the identification of suitable companies for launching new ideas or products onto the market. Since its foundation, the PATON-PTH team has been asked by important Thuringian scientific institutions to assist them in mentoring and marketing about 600 inventions. You can find up-to-date technology offers of PATON-PTH in the Invention Store. The Invention Store, theadvanced training sessions of TechnologieAllianz and the events of the TA including the TechnologieAllianz conference are offers made by theTechnologieAllianz, the German association for Science and Technology Transfer. PATON-PTH is a long-standing member of this association and represents the interests of Thuringian universities.



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