Technical equipment

The Research Unit High-Voltage Technologies can access the equipment of the Center for Energy Technology for research tasks and contract services.

High voltage laboratory

  • shielded laboratory with attenuation > 80 dB up to 10 MHz

  • AC voltage: 100 kV / 100 mA or 200 kV / 50 mA at 50 Hz

  • DC voltage: +300 kV or -350 kV at 50 mA

  • pulse voltage: 135 kV (1.2/50 µs and 250/2500 µs) positive and negative

  • medium frequency AC voltage: 50 kV at 1 to 30 kHz sinusoidal

  • generation of any mixed voltage forms

  • partial discharge measurement according to IEC 60270 (basic noise level < 1 pC)

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau

Diagnostic laboratory

  • flexible modular system up to 30 kV for the construction of various test setups, e.g. for material testing or parameter determination

  • determination of the relative permittivity and the dielectric loss factor of different insulating materials (Tettex 2818 measuring bridge, max. 12 kV, 50 Hz)

  • measuring station for material diagnostics in the frequency range (LCR measurement, N4L PSM3750/IAI2, 10 V, 10 µHz to 50 MHz)

  • measuring station for material diagnostics in the time domain (electrical conductivity by means of PDC analysis with electrometer, Keithley 6517B and Keysight B2985A)

  • furnace for measurement at temperatures up to 300°C