Basics in Computer Organisation and Computer Architecture

NameBasics in Computer Organisation and Computer Architecture
Hours2 Lec, 2 Ex, 1 Lab
Semesterlecture/exercise: WS
lab: WS+SS
Gradinglecture/exercise: sPL 90 min
lab: attestation
Study coursesBT-Ba (obligatory)
EIT-Ba (obligatory)
EIT-Dp (obligatory)
MT-Ba (obligatory)
TKS-Ba (obligatory)
WIW-Ba (obligatory)
others (elective)
Moodle (part RA)lecture/exercise:  4349
lab:  4348
Module entry200001

Lecture and exercise TI are teached in two parts:

  • part RO (computer organization):
    During the first half of the semester.
    Please find information at IKS group.
  • part RA (computer architecture):
    During the second half of the semester.
    Find information using the Moodle links in the table.

The lab includes two experiments for part RO and two experiments for part RA.


Starting from WS 2021/22 regulations PStO 2021 apply to module TI.

According to some older regulations, TI was obligatory for FZT-Ba, LA-Ba, MB-Ba, MB-Dp, MTR-Ba, OST-Ba, WI-Ba und WSW-Ba too.


Valid for regulations PStO 2021. May differ for older regulations.