Research focus

The research area Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems is very versatile. Due to the increasing interconnection of electronic systems and the advances in semiconductor technology, which allows to design more and more complex systems, the importance of this research area has increased significantly in the last years. Due to mobile, battery-powered systems on the one hand and the processing of enormous amounts of data (keyword: Big Data) in huge data centers on the other hand, the energy efficiency of computer systems is becoming increasingly important. However, the increasing miniaturization and complexity also brings problems. For example, transistors are becoming increasingly unreliable, and hardware attacks on computing systems are on the rise. We are, therefore, investigating adaptive systems,whichcan adapt to new requirements and threats. However, new architectural concepts, such as many cores with thousands of processor cores, network-on-chips, or new technologies, such as memristors, are also being considered.


The focus of research is on so-called reconfigurable hardware systems which implement a circuit structure with the help of a configuration . The research area of architectures of such reconfigurable hardware systems as well as algorithms and applications with reconfigurable hardware systems is also called Reconfigurable Computing


In the following, the main research topics of the group "Computer Architecture and Embedded Systems" will be discussed: