The lecture Complex Embedded Systems (CES) is offered by the SSE and RAES groups as an elective course in summer semester as part of the Research in Computer & Systems Engineering (RCSE) study program. It is held in every summer semester primarily for the RCSE study program, and gives 5 credit points.


The lecture gives an introduction into embedded and real-time systems that are used to control and monitor numerous devices in our daily lives and industry. The module contains a weekly lecture that is shared between Prof. Ziener and Prof. Zimmermann, and talks on additional topics prepared and presented by the participating students (similar to the S&SE class). The class finishes with a written exam, which accounts for 70% of the grade, while the remaining 30% are based on the student talk.

There is a formally independent lab on embedded systems organized by the SSE group, which you can take in parallel but this is not a requirement.

Lecture Topics

  • Architecture of Embedded Systems
  • Embedded Systems Design
  • Real-Time Systems
  • Real-Time Scheduling
  • Software Aspects
  • Hardware-Software-Codesign
  • Embedded Communication

Further Information