The System and Software Engineering group deals with methods, applications and tools for the design of complex technical systems and software.
Elements of these systems often come from the areas of mechatronics and electrical engineering, with an increasing proportion of software. In important industrial application fileds of embedded systems, such as automation and automotive systems, an interdisciplinary and holistic view is necessary.
From the point of view of information technology, software engineering plays a prominent role, but cannot be seen in isolation from the development process of the surrounding system. Training, methods and tools for successful engineering solutions must reflect this connection.

The main topic of the work is the model-based engineering of automation and embedded systems. Such technical applications in computer science contain hardware and software elements and cannot be designed with the tools of classic software engineering alone. The interface between computer science, electrical engineering and automation technology makes the subject area an important current challenge with high future potential for the graduates.
The central point of systematic system and software engineering are computer-internal models and the procedural methods that use them.

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The SSE group offers courses in the areas of software technology and system design, which are primarily aimed at the degree courses Informatik, Ingenieurinformatik, Wirtschaftsinformatik as Research in Computer and Systems Engineering (RCSE).


New Publications

Christian Ebner, Kirill Gorelik, and Armin Zimmermann:
Automated Design Exploration and Dynamic Safety Analysis for Optimization of Mechatronic Systems in Safety-Critical Automotive Applications.
in IEEE Systems Journal, November 1st, 2023.
[ DOI ]

Armin Zimmermann:
Reliability Design of Complex Systems - Modeling and Efficient Simulation (Tutorial).
IEEE Int. Conf. on Recent Advances in Systems Science and Engineering (RASSE 2023), Kerala, India, November 2023.
[ pdf ]

Sabine Fincke, Ralph Maschotta, Yi-Chun Hsu, Thomas Röckl, Clara-Sophie Roßbach, Lydia-Dorothea Augustin, Lukas Daubner, Jan Deupmann, Marius Lehmann, Anna Maria Treffurth:
Competence Oriented Study in Engineering Education – Examples From the Practicing Programme.
60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium (ISC), Ilmenau, Germany, September 2023.
[ DOI ]