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Christian Ebner:
Modellbasierte Optimierung von mechatronischen Systemen für sicherheitsrelevante Fahrzeuganwendungen.
Ph.D. dissertation, TU Ilmenau, December 2023.
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Christian Ebner, Kirill Gorelik, and Armin Zimmermann:
Automated Design Exploration and Dynamic Safety Analysis for Optimization of Mechatronic Systems in Safety-Critical Automotive Applications.
in IEEE Systems Journal, Volume 17, Issue 4, Pages 5357-5368, December 2023, Print ISSN 1932-8184, Online ISSN 1937-9234.
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Armin Zimmermann:
Reliability Design of Complex Systems - Modeling and Efficient Simulation (Tutorial).
IEEE Int. Conf. on Recent Advances in Systems Science and Engineering (RASSE 2023), Kerala, India, November 2023.
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Sabine Fincke, Ralph Maschotta, Yi-Chun Hsu, Thomas Röckl, Clara-Sophie Roßbach, Lydia-Dorothea Augustin, Lukas Daubner, Jan Deupmann, Marius Lehmann, Anna Maria Treffurth:
Competence Oriented Study in Engineering Education – Examples From the Practicing Programme.
60th Ilmenau Scientific Colloquium (ISC), Ilmenau, Germany, September 2023.
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Hammer, M., Maschotta, R., Wichmann, A., Jungebloud, T., Bedini, F., Zimmermann, A.:
PSCS4CPP: A Generative PSCS Implementation for C++.
In: Pires, L.F., Hammoudi, S., Seidewitz, E. (eds) Model-Driven Engineering and Software Development. MODELSWARD 2021, MODELSWARD 2022. Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 1708). Springer, Cham, August 2023.
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N. Bodenschatz, M. Eider, D. Kratschmer, A. Berl and A. Zimmermann:
Battery-friendly charging process scheduling of electric vehicle fleets at company sites.
3rd Int. Conf. on Electrical, Computer, Communications and Mechatronics Engineering (ICECCME’23), Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Spain, July 2023.

Detlef Streitferdt, Nicola Henze, Ralph Maschotta, Sabine Fincke:
Unterstützung der Kompetenzentwicklung zur Nutzung aktueller Technologien und des Trainings ingenieurspezifischer Arbeitsmethoden.
Tagungsband zur Ingenieurpädagogische Jahrestagung 2023, Dresden, Germany, Juni 2023.

T. Räth, F. Bedini, K. Sattler, A. Zimmermann:
Demo: Interactive Performance Exploration of Stream Processing Applications Using Colored Petri Nets.
17th ACM Int. Conf. on Distributed and Event-based Systems (DEBS 2023), Neuchatel, Switzerland June 2023.
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T. Jungebloud, N. Nguyen, D.-S. Kim, and A. Zimmermann:
Hierarchical Model-Based Cybersecurity Risk Assessment During System Design.
38th Int. Conf. on ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection (IFIP SEC 2023), Poznan Poland, June 2023.

Beliautsou, Viktar and Giliazov, Ilnaz and Beliautsou, Aleksandra and Ivanov, Valentin:
Regenerative brake controller based on vehicle behavior prediction.
The 6th International Electric Vehicle Technology Conference 2023 (EVTeC 2023), Yokohama, Japan, May 2023.
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Beliautsou, Viktar and Beliautsou, Aleksandra and Ivanov, Valentin:
Road Parameter Estimation with Drone-Vehicle Communication.
WCX SAE World Congress Experience, Detroit, USA, April 2023.
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