The Ilmotion gym in the campus sports hall

Individual use of the Ilmotion fitness room

The ILMOTION gym can be used individually in the context of your personal training. Only students and employees of the TU Ilmenau are allowed to use the gym! Therefore, in contrast to regular courses, individual training is not covered by the insurance of the Unfallkasse Thüringen.

The activated Thoska card must be carried along for training and must be shown at any time on request!

Basically, there are two offers, which differ according to their temporal use:


Early Fitness

Training hours:

Mon-Fri 07:00 to 14:00 hrs.

Sat 09:00 to 18:00


.. € students

.. € employees

Standard Fitness

Training hours:

Mon-Fri 07:00 to 22:30

Sat 09:00-18:00


.. € students

.. € employees

Because of damage due to damp and water, the gym will be closed until further notice!


In the summer semester 2021 it is necessary to book single 90min time slots in advance.

This is only possible if you are in possession of the Ilmotion Card (10€/month for students/ 15€/month for staff).

The following procedure for the use of the gym in SS 2021:

1. online booking of the "Ilmotion Card".

2. book your training time slots online via "Ilmotion Fitnessraum training slots".

The applicable hygiene rules must be observed!


The payment of the fee is made by bank transfer. More information here.

You will find all information about the bank transfer on the respective booking confirmation, which you will receive by e-mail after a successful booking. Please, state the correct reference, when transfering the money. The transfer of the amount due is to be made immediately after the booking!

Activation Thoska card

The ILMOTION fitness rooms and the changing rooms are equipped with Thoska locks.

The unlocking takes place after the payment of the due fee. The access to the fitness room is done by putting on the unlocked Thoska card, which has to be activated in the foyer of the Campus Sports Hall at the terminal before each training.

In case of problems with the Thoska card and the Thoska locks, please contact the facility manager (

Notes on use

  • the hall rules of the campus sports hall apply

  • Use of the ILMOTION only with activated Thoska Card

  • every user of the ILMOTION must be able to show his Thoska Card and his Ilmotion Card (digital or print) at any time on demand, who cannot show his access authorization (Thoska Card) will be excluded from the training.

  • three important things to bring for EVERY training: Thoska card, CLEAN spare pair of sneakers, towel

  • it is not allowed to store (sports)bags/backpacks/jackets in the fitness room, but they have to be locked in the provided lockers

  • for the use of the lockers, each user has to bring a padlock (minimum diameter of the shackle of the padlock 6 mm)

Access to the Ilmotion fitness room

FAQ's Ilmotion Fitness Room