About the project

As part of the promotion of physical activity in the university setting, it is an important concern of the University Sports Center to make movement and physical activity a tangible experience for all TU members.

The Active Campus is a campus that provides exercise opportunities in the form of "station training" at strategically determined points on the university campus. At these points, an info stele/panel with an illustrated QR code is installed. This QR code can be scanned using a smartphone and leads to different movement exercises, which are conveyed in the form of a commented video.

The movement exercises are specifically selected by the USZ, instructed and recorded in a short video. The short videos will be implemented as part of a student media project. Different training categories are offered - depending on your wishes, exercises for strengthening/cardio, mobilization, brain fit and relaxation or stretching) can be given, which can be used as an independent training or as an integration into a running/walking round. The exercises behind the QR codes are variably interchangeable, so that the resulting active campus can be used long-term and sustainably.

Use of the Active Campus

The Active Campus is designed to promote physical activity among TU members.

There are 10 QR code stations distributed around the campus. Orientation is provided by the map, which is located on Ehrenbergweg near the campus sports hall.


This is how using the Active Campus works:

1. search and find the QR code

2. scan the QR code

3. selection of the exercise category(ies)

4. execution of the exercise(s)


If you have any questions about the Active Campus, please feel free to contact Katja Dießner.