Access to the sports facilities

Campus Sports Hall

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  • Pandemic: Infection protection concept

- please arrive in time 5 min BEFORE the start of the course in training clothes and wait in front of the main entrance of the campus sports hall for the responsible course instructor; participants arriving too late cannot be admitted. - Participants are required to wear mouth/nose protection when entering the foyer and from there until entering the respective sports facility as well as when leaving until exiting the campus sports hall. - Clean sneakers are to be brought and put on in the locker room; personal belongings are then to be taken into the gym. - the participants have to pay attention to each other that the prescribed minimum distance of at least 1,50m is kept. - before entering the respective sports facilities, hands must be disinfected with the hand disinfectant provided.


Outdoor sports on the USZ premises

  • See infection control concept during pandemic

  • Toilet use during the pandemic: Accessible via the side entrance "Empore" of the campus sports hall.


External sports facilities

  • The respective sports facility regulations apply.

  • Pandemic: the respective infection protection concepts of the sports facilities must be observed!

  • The respective course instructor is responsible for information regarding access to sports facilities.