Stations of the institute development


Institute of Control Engineering Faculty of Low Current Engineering University of Applied Sciences

Department of Automatic Control Section Technical and Biomedical Cybernetics Technical University of Ilmenau

Institute for Automation and Systems Engineering Faculty of Computer Science and Automation Ilmenau University of Technology


The scientific work in the institute is characterized by the interdisciplinary character of automation and by the use of means and methods of systems engineering and technical cybernetics. By linking these main components, the prerequisites are created for the effective and efficient handling of automation and systems engineering tasks in all areas of industrial production on the basis of process engineering or manufacturing processes, but also in such areas as water management, agriculture, ecology, services, medicine or in information processes in design and decision-making processes. This opens up a broad field of application for graduates of technical cybernetics and fields of study in automation and systems engineering.

  • Automation Technology
  • Control engineering
  • Process optimization

The illustration shows Helmholtz and Kirchhoff Building seen from the Ehrenberg and was probably built at the end of the 1970s or beginning of the 1980s. Above these buildings, the Ehrenberg was still undeveloped.