M. Sc. Simon Buttgereit

Research Interests

Security aspects of:

  • Software-defined Networking (SDN)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)
  • Cloud infrastructures



Simon Buttgereit, Michael Rossberg, Michael Pfeiffer, Guenter Schaefer: Demo: Leveraging SDN in Critical Infrastructures, ICIN 2021
[PRBS19]Pfeiffer, Michael; Rossberg, Michael; Buttgereit, Simon; Schaefer, Guenter: Strong Tenant Separation in Cloud Computing Platforms. ARES '19. 2019.



Individual wishes for topics on personal request

  • Data Center Congestion Control
  • Internet Congestion Control (with ML)
  • Stealth attacks on ML
  • Characterizing the robustness of network architectures
  • Securing Unsafe Rust
  • Recent application of SmartNICs
  • Innovation of and with P4
  • Privacy preserving deep packet inspection
  • NFV Security Considerations
  • Hybrid SDN Routing
  • Software defined Internet Exchange Points
  • Analyse von Software-Defined Networks
  • Advanced Network Isolation in Cloud-Environments
Bachelor- und Masterarbeiten

Presentation of possible topics on personal request.

  • Intent modelling in virtual private networks
  • Control path virtualization of  VPN gateways

  • SS 2013/14 - Seminar "Programmierparadigmen"


Room:         Zusebau 3047

Phone:        +49 3677 69-4855

Mail:            simon.buttgereit[at]tu-ilmenau.de

GPG-Key:   7245 6AC1 5605 027A 654B  2213 C93B CE45 B326 15A2