EyeTSS - 3D transcranial current stimulation and analysis of neurovascular coupling using retinal vessel analysis




Diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease, stroke and epilepsy are related to changes of electrical brain activity. Electrical stimulation (transcranial current stimulation - TSS) can influence those changes in a positive way, helping the patients.

The exact mechanism of the current stimulation is unknown. Further on, a current stimulation of selected areas of the brain is required for an effective treatment of the patients which is not yet possible.


  • Development of a therapeutic transcranial current stimulation adapted to the patient and optimized for the particular brain disease.
  • Demonstration of the effectiveness of the new current stimulation in patients.
  • Insuring quality of life by improving mental fitness, e.g. for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.


The effects of electrical stimulation in the eye are observed and adapted to the brain.

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Current publications:

  • Hunold, A., Haueisen, J., Ahtam, B., Doshi, C., Harini, C., Grant, P. E., Okada, Y., Papadelis, C.: Simultaneous EEG and MEG Source Localization in Pediatric Tuberous Sclerosis Complex related Epilepsy. Posterpresentation at the International Conference on Basic and Clinical Multimodal Imaging (BaCI), Sept 5-8, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013
  • Hunold, A., Funke, M., Eichardt, R., Haueisen, J.: Sensitivity of EEG and MEG to Orientation Selective Source Strength Variations. Posterpresentation at the International Conference on Basic and Clinical Multimodal Imaging (BaCI), Sept 5-8, Geneva, Switzerland, 2013


22.02.2016 - EyeTSS-project is the cover story of the UNI magazine

UNI magazine 1/2016

The EyeTSS-project is the cover story in the current issue of the magazine "UNI - Universitäts-Nachrichten Ilmenau".

The article (German)describes 3 years of research in transcranial current stimulation at the TU Ilmenau. It explains how an idea was developed into a dual-cap, which allows for the focused electrical stimulation of selected brain areas while the brain activity can be recorded simultaneously.


We thank the editorial office for the great collaboration.

20.05.2015 - ARVO 2015 Annual Meeting, 3rd-7th May 2015, Denver (USA)

Contributions to Conference ARVO 2015

Poster session at ARVO 2015

Scientists of the projects EyeTSS and MAMUD presented their latest research results at the ARVO 2015 and discussed these with the audience of ophthalmologists and scientists.

The following posters were presented:

  • Influence of the blood glucose level on FLIO measurements at the human retina in healthy volunteers
    M. Klemm, D. Schweitzer
  • Simultaneous dynamic retinal vessel analysis and pulsed anodal transcranial electrical stimulation at the eye
    S. Freitag, A. Hunold, M. Klemm, J. Haueisen
  • Sampling paradigms for increasing the repeatability of Static Vessel Analysis by using multiple images
    S. Rieger, W. Vilser , D. Baumgarten