InGeS - Individual medical device system for static vascular analysis



Image from the examination protocol of a Static Vessel Analysis. On an image of the ocular fundus, all arteries (red) and veins (blue) are marked around the optic disc (inner ring) in a measuring area defined by outer two rings. From the measured diameters a risk indicator can be calculated.


According to the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, diseases of the cardiovascular system are the most frequent cause of death in Germany. The changes in the blood vessels associated with these diseases are first seen early in the smallest vessels of up to 300 μm in diameter, which are assigned to the microcirculation. Early detection of changes occurring there, can be done using static retinal vascular analysis. Here, the diameter of these blood vessels are measured visually on the fundus. Several epidemiological studies have demonstrated an association between retinal vascular diameters and hypertension, stroke, diabetes and obesity. Thus, static vessel analysis can play an extremely important role in preventive medicine.
With the Static Vessel Analyzer (SVA) the company IMEDOS Systems GmbH offers a system for the semi-automatic measurement of retinal blood vessels in individual images of the ocular fundus. Unavoidable individual temporal variability of vessel diameter, artifacts and possible operating errors lead to uncertainties in individual measurements, which reduce the diagnostic value of static vessel analysis and thus hitherto prevent market penetration in the clinical environment.


The goal of this project is to lay the foundations for a next-generation SVA. By using multiple images uncertainties due to variability of vessel diameter and the influence of artifacts should be significantly reduced. An automation of the evaluation prevents operator errors and at the same time reduces the workload. The determination of further parameters such as the retinal oxygen saturation by a new camera system as well as the image analysis by artificial intelligence support the automatic evaluation.

The aim is to create the basics for a device that enables the broad use of static retinal vessel analysis in individual prevention diagnostics through a higher reproducibility and easier, more comfortable handling.

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