INNONGA - Innovative retinal vascular analysis



Research into the smallest vascular systems that control the supply of oxygen and nutrients to each individual cell of the human body (the process of microcirculation) is of enormous scientific and economic interest. This is based on the fact that disorders in the dynamics of vascular regulation are linked to diseases such as high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis or diabetes. The dynamic vascular analysis, which enables the examination of the condition (wide or narrow vessels) as well as the function (ability of the vessels to regulate and their autoregulatory mechanisms), determines vascular parameters that address a multitude of diagnostic questions.

Project goal

The overall goal of the INNONGA cooperation project is, based on the current technological status of dynamic vascular analysis, to create the scientific and technical prerequisites for realizing a 2nd generation vascular analysis (DVA-2). This is intended to create a significantly higher clinical acceptance through an increased benefit both on the part of the doctor and on the part of the patient for routine clinical use. On the one hand, methodological and physiological aspects are necessary for this, which are to be investigated at the Technical University of Ilmenau by the Institute for Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science. On the other hand, the technological aspects that are to be analyzed and implemented at the industrial partner IMEDOS Systems UG. In summary, five sections can be defined, which will lead to an optimized examination protocol and an innovative DVA-2 (see Figure 1).


Publications & patents

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