• Hardware Platform:   Extended version of a standard mobile robot B21 by RWI (Real World Interface, Inc)
  • Size:
    footprint 0,53 m in diameter
    height 1,8m
    weight 150 kg with current setup
  • Drive:
    synchronous drive
    4 driven wheels
  • Sensors:
    48 sonar sensors (aligned in two layers)
    24 infrared sensors, 56 tactile sensors (bumpers)
    laser range finder SICK LMS400
    3 color cameras (Sony DFW-VL500):
    1 omnidirectional color camera with 360° panoramic view at the top of the robot
    2 frontally aligned (binocular) cameras on a 6 DoF active-vision head
  • Onboard-PC:
    processor Core i7-620M (2,6 GHz)
    4 GB RAM
  • Power Supply:
    60 Ah lead-acid batteries
    6h operating time
  • Other:
    15” touch sensitive display

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 PERSES (2011)
 Front view
    Full picture


  PERSES (2011)
  Side view
     Full picture