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Results from the CO-HUMANICS project on mediated grandparent-grandchild communication

Communication technologies play an important role in maintaining grandparent-grandchild relationships, especially when face-to-face visits are not possible. As part of the CO-HUMANICS project, Media Psychology and Media Design Group at TU Ilmenau conducted an empirical study among N=286 German University students to investigate the use of established (such as telephone, texting, video conferencing) and innovative (augmented reality, social robot) communication technologies between young adults and their grandparents. Results of the study have been published in UAIS (Universal Access in the Information Society) with an impact factor of 2.629 (2021).

The findings demonstrated an overall positive reception of innovative digital media in terms of improved communication quality, however also highlighted potential complications with their use by grandparents. The study provides background and basis for the human-centered design of innovative technologies from the fields of augmented reality and social robotics to be developed in the course of the CO-HUMANICS project (Co-Presence of Humans and Interactive Companions for Seniors). Media Psychology and Media Design Group is involved in the project with work package evaluation .


Döring, N., Mikhailova, V., Brandenburg, K., Broll, W., Gross, H.-M., Werner, S., & Raake, A. (2022). Digital Media in Intergenerational Communication: Status Quo and Future Scenarios for the Grandparent–Grandchild RelationshipUniversal Access in the Information Society.


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