Power Electronic Devices & Circuits

Working focus

  • Theory, simulation, design and metrological characterization of discrete and integrated high voltage and power devices.
  • Circuit development, design and characterization of Smart Power IC`s.
  • System integration based on advanced CMOS and SOI technologies in the nanometer range.
Further information about current projects:

Head of working group

PD Dr.-Ing. habil. Reinhard Herzer

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Chip photo of a 600V-IGBT half-bridge driver in SOI-CMOS technology

Fields of activity

1. modern power devices

Trench-MOSFET for 20V-150V: cell optimizations by means of device simulations, static and dynamic characterization, optimization of internal FWD Technological Realization (Foundry)

Trench-IGBT for 600V - 3500V: cell and edge structure optimizations by means of device simulations, technological realization (foundry), static and dynamic characterization,

Free-wheeling diodes for 600V- 3500V: Optimization of the vertical and edge structure by means of device simulations, technological realization (foundry), physical investigations of lifetime centers (parameter determination, inclusion in device simulation)

2nd Smart Power - IC

On the basis of a comprehensive design framework and many years of experience, new integrated components, circuit topologies and demonstrators of integrated circuits are developed. The following technologies, especially for mixed-signal design, are available from excellent foundry partners and are supported by appropriate libraries:

  • various CMOS technologies from 0.5-1.5µm with a wide range of optional processes (n-channel and p-channel high voltage (120V),
  • multiple poly-Si, multiple metal, RAM, ROM, EEPROM etc.).
  • BiCMOS technology 0.8µm
  • Bipolar processes up to 90V
  • BCD-MOS process up to 90V (optional 700V)
  • SOI process up to 800V and operating temperatures up to 200°C.
  • Realized devices and circuits can be characterized statically and dynamically on-wafer or in-package with suitable measurement techniques.
3. further fields of work
  • Modeling of components and SPICE parameter extraction
  • Development of sensors (e.g. temperature, current) and sensor evaluation circuits (ICs)
  • Reliability of power devices and systems