Teaching at the Department of Micro- and Nanoelectronic Systems

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Teaching Objectives

The teaching interests of the department are closely related to the research work and are in the area of bio-inspired systems, nano-electric devices, solid state electronics and thin film technology. We aim to teach the basic concepts of these topics in such a way that students become interested in the topics and gain a deep and clear understanding of the underlying principles. In doing so, students should develop the ability to solve problems independently, self-reflectively and on their own responsibility. We view learning as a developmental process in which students must learn how to formulate questions. This defines the task of opening up the necessary opportunities for the students and showing them how they can work together in a problem-oriented manner.


Teaching offer

Winter semester


Summer term


Lecture notes

Lecture notes for the courses of the department can be found on the moodle pages of the TU Ilmenau:https://moodle2.tu-ilmenau.de/



We assign various topics related to our research topics. If you are interested in a thesis, please contact Prof. Martin Ziegler.


Electronics Internship


  • Dr. rer. nat. J.-P. Zöllner,e-mail, Phone: +49 3677 69-3127, Room K2015

Information about the internship (content, procedure, documents, enrolment) can be found at moodle.