DFG project

KO 1403/39-3
"Microfluidic synthesis of multiscale polymer composite particles"
2018 - 2022

M.Sc. Raminta Mazétyté-Stasinskiené

DFG project

KO 1403/45-1
"Tailored formanisotropic bi-metallic nanoparticles for optical bioanalytics"
2018 - 2021

M.Sc. Jonas Jacobus Kluitmann

AiF Projects

ZF 4457307AP9
Signal amplifier for high-sensitivity readout of fluorescence signals for ultrafast quantitative PCR diagnostics
2020 - 2021

ZF 4457303SA8
Hydrogel microreactors with a switchable surface for simplified phase transfer
2019 - 2020

KF 4457301SK7
Development of a novel multiplex detection of electrolytes in one step in whole blood
2017 - 2018

Thüringer Aufbaubank Project

TAB - 2014290176
Screen in dropLines - Development of a modular high-throughput analysis and measurement system for high-resolution, droplet-based microfluidic analysis in life sciences and environmental analytics
2017 - 2020

PostDoc Fellowship

Dr. Jialan Cao

Droplet-based microfluidics for exploring the metabolic potential of soil bacterial communities.

Our soils are extremely complex and structured into microcompartments. These harbor a large part of our planet's biodiversity, which is still largely unexplored. The research project aims at the use of segment-based microfluidics in microbiological application areas to explore the metabolic potential of soil microorganisms suitable for sustainable land use, remediation of environmental damage and the development of new sustainable production processes.

01.05.2020 - 30.4.2022

Dr. Jialan Cao-Riehmer
Dr. Jialan Cao