Completed Projects and Previous Research Topics

031A161A BMBF joint project
Bactocat - New synthesis performance by coupling microorganismic and metal nanoparticle catalyzed processes in microreaction technology
2012 - 2017


031BO130 BMBF
BEMOU (BioEnergeticMicroOperationUnit) - Chip-based microtransverter for bioprocess energy management


KO1403/22-1 DFG
Tuning of the optical properties of metallic core-shell nanoparticles with multiple shells generated by multistep microreaction technology
2009 - 2013


16SV5473 BMBF
Competence Triangle "OPTIMI II" - Subproject: Green Manufacturing and Optofluidics
2011 - 2013


16SV3701 BMBF
Competence Triangle "OPTIMI" - Optical Microsystems; Subproject: Optical Micro-Fluidic and Micro-Mechanical Systems
2008 - 2010


16SV5065 BMBF
SOD-Kult - "Segment-on-demand technology" for digital microfluidic application in single cell cultivation
2009 - 2011


16SV3574 BMBF Joint project
MiMiLe - Central German cluster of microprocess engineering teaching experiments for university education and training; Subproject: Teaching experiments pressure loss, residence time distribution and mixing efficiency
2007 - 2009


B509-04012 TMWTA
Kerafema - Ceramic fluid components with electromagnetic actuator
2005 - 2007


F3-830/2/3-440 TMWTA
Zellex - Single cell identification and single cell gene expression diagnostics by in-situ RT-PCR in micro flow reactors
2004 - 2006


16IN029 BWT Joint Project
ChemoChips - Subproject: Development of a miniaturized measuring device for the application of chemochips in liquid phase reactions
2003 - 2006

Thüringer Aufbaubank Project

TAB - 2014290176
Screen in dropLines - Development of a modular high-throughput analysis and measurement system for high-resolution, droplet-based microfluidic analysis in life sciences and environmental analytics
2017 - 2020