Siegmundsburg Workshop

Lange Nacht der Technik

"Escape Room Space Station "UNIversum""

You are part of a research team that is responsible for the power supply of a space station by means of particularly efficient solar cells. Today you have received an emergency call that the modules are not working anymore and you have to help to find the defect. You have 25 minutes to find the correct documents and send them to the space station before communication between space and the base station is cut off.

"Escape Room Goethe's Secret"

On August 11, 1870, the famous Goethehäuschen burned down due to the supposed carelessness of three hikers seeking protection. However, the discovery of a cryptic message casts doubt on what happened. You have 25 minutes to follow the traces back to the present day, decode the message and solve the mystery.

Thomas Schweser
Thomas Schweser
Thomas Schweser
Thomas Schweser
Thomas Schweser

88th GAMM 2017

6 - 10 March 2017 Ilmenau @ Weimar

Local Organizers

  • Prof. Carsten Könke Bahaus University Weimar, Institute of Structural Mechanics-Structural Analysis and Component Strength
  • Prof. Carsten Trunk Ilmenau University of Technology, Department of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, Institute for Mathematics

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