So far I have authored 252 papers in SCI-indexed (Web of Science) journals, 1 paper in collective volumes, more than 100 contributions in conferences, and 2 patents. All the papers have received 16868 citations (H-index 70) according to the Google Scholar, 14122 citations (H-Index 64) according to the Web of Science database (ResearcherID: A-7950-2012).

Many of the SCI-indexed papers are published in first-class scientific journals in physics, chemistry and materials science, including 7 papers published in Nature-series journals (1 in Nature Nanotechnology, 5 in Nature Communications, 1 in NPG Asia Materials), 23 papers published in journals with impact factor higher than 20 (21 papers are corresponding authors), 84 papers in journals with impact factor between 10-20 (64 papers are corresponding authors), 57 papers in journals with impact factor between 5-10 (45 papers are corresponding authors).

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