Welcome to the Department of Applied Nanophysics

Head:               Prof. Dr. Yong Lei

Address:           Technische Universität Ilmenau
                         Institut für Physik
                         Fachgebiet Angewandte Nanophysik
                         Unterpörlitzer Straße 38
                         98693 Ilmenau

Telephone:       +49 3677 69 3746 (secretay)

Secretary:        Jessica Mämpel



The main research areas of our group include electrochemical energy storage, photo-/electro-catalytic energy conversion, functional micro-/nanostructuring, surface plasmonics, and theoretical simulations.

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Michael Reichel


  • So far we have authored 305 papers in SCI-indexed (Web of Science) journals, 1 paper in collective volumes, more than 100 contributions in conferences, and 2 patents. All the papers have received 21597 citations (H-index 78) according to the Google Scholar.
  • Many of the SCI-indexed papers are published in first-class scientific journals in physics, chemistry and materials science, including 8 papers published in Nature-series journals (1 in Nature Nanotechnology, 6 in Nature Communications, 1 in NPG Asia Materials), 33 papers published in journals with impact factor higher than 20, 121 papers in journals with impact factor between 9-20, 63 papers in journals with impact factor between 5-10.


Qiu J., Duan Y., Li S., Zhao H., Ma W.*, Shi W.*, Lei Y.*,'Insights into nano- and micro-structured scaffolds for advanced electrochemical energy storage'Nano-Micro Letters(Impact factor 26.6), 16 (1), 1-44, 2024

Dong Y.L., Xu C., Li Y., Zhang C., Zhao H., Kaiser U., Lei Y.*,
‘Ultrahigh-rate and ultralong-duration sodium storage enabled by sodiation-driven reconfiguration’Advanced Energy Materials (Impact factor 27.8), 13 (16), 2204324, 2023

Xu C., Dong Y., Zhao H., Lei Y.*,
‘CO2 Conversion Towards Real-World Applications: Electrocatalysis versus CO2 Batteries’Advanced Functional Materials(Impact factor 19.0), 33 (32), 2300926, 2023

Ma M.M., Liu J., Zhao H.P., Yue S.Z., Zhong L., Huang Y.B., Jia X.H., Liu K., Li X.B.*, Wang Z.J.*, Qu S.C.*, Lei Y.*, ‘Broadened photocatalytic capability to near-infrared for CdS hybrids and positioning hydrogen evolution sites’Applied Catalysis B: Environmental (IF 22.1), 325, 122327, 2023

Xu R., Zeng Z.Q.,Lei Y.*
‘Well-defined nanostructuring with designable anodic aluminium oxide template' Nature Communications (Impact factor 16.6), 13 (1), 2435, 2022

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