Energy storage

The worldwide demand for energy is constantly increasing. This energy demand is to be increasingly met from regenerative energy sources in order to reduce environmental pollution and minimize dependence on fossil fuels. For renewable energy sources that are not continuously available, such as sunlight and wind power, energy storage therefore plays an essential role in ensuring the stability of the energy supply. Various research projects on thermal and electrochemical energy storage are being carried out under the research focus of energy storage.

Research focus

  • Experimental investigations on liquid metal batteries
  • Experimental analysis of electrochemical energy conversion for hydrogen production under magnetic field influence and for fuel cell technology
  • Experimental characterization of flows in heat storage systems

Range of services

  • Experimental investigations on heat accumulators
  • Provision of measurement data from the environmental measurement station of the TU Ilmenau
  • Thermal assessment (including infrared) of building envelopes or technical systems
  • Flow and temperature measurements in water storage tanks

Laboratory/test stands

  • Test stand for heat accumulators (according to DIN/EN)
  • Test stand for absorption chillers