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Inventors' Trade Show iENA 2021: Medal Shower for the TU Ilmenau

At the international trade show "Ideas - Inventions - Novelties" iENA 2021 in Nuremberg, scientists from the TU Ilmenau performed excellently in the award ceremony for the best inventions: They received three gold, two silver and two bronze medals.Link to full article


The team Prof. Klaus Zimmermann, Prof. Valter Böhm, Dr. Jhohan-Harvey Chavez-Vega and Dr. Tobias Kaufhold received theiENA gold medal for the innovation "End effector based on magnetorheological elastomer for gripping and manipulation systems". The end effector (gripper) is based on the sensor-controlled interaction of highly elastic and magnetically controllable elastomers. These are able to sense sensitive objects and adapt to the shape of the object to be gripped. Magnetic fields cause the elastomers to solidify when the system has a firm grip on an object in the truest sense of the word.

Thanks to the special properties of the flexible elastomer, the innovative gripper can detect the shape of different target objects and thus enables significantly improved gripping of differently shaped objects.

Our team

We are an international team of employees under the leadership of Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Klaus Zimmermann.

Our concern is to convey the methods of engineering mechanics to young people. In doing so, interdisciplinary connections of technical systems are the focus of our teaching and research.

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Research focus

Our research currently focuses on topics in the field of "Soft Robotics", which are funded by the German Research Foundation:

- •Use of compliant "smart materials" in actuator and sensor systems
- •Application of tensegrity structures for locomotion systems

With research on tensegrity structures in mobile robotics, there is a research direction with high innovation content, which at the same time forms a basis for the cooperation with the department of Compliant Systems (Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Lena Zentner).

The focus of the cooperation with industrial partners is the targeted influencing of the dynamics of mechatronic systems by means of multi-body simulations as well as the experimental investigation of vibration systems.

With the investigation and development of biologically inspired solutions for manipulation and locomotion, there is a more than twenty-year, internationally recognized tradition in the field. Numerous dissertations, textbooks and book contributions bear witness to the scientific achievements of the field.


Our department is responsible for the education of students in engineering mechanics within the framework of the Joint Undergraduate Engineering Studies (GIG). Representatives of the department and guest scientists (Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Valter Böhm OTH Regensburg) also offer in-depth courses for selected courses and interested students:

- •Machine Dynamics
- •Higher strength theory / Finite element method
- •Multibody dynamics
- •Robotics

The department supervises student theses on topics in theoretical, applied and experimental mechanics.

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