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Mechanics of Compliant Systems Group

(Merger of the Technical Mechanics Group and the Compliant Systems Group)

Mechanical Systems

Dynamics of Machines

The Technical Mechanics Group has developed competences in the field of vibration reduction of machines by working on machine-dynamic problems in cooperation with and on behalf of industrial partners. In the focus of the investigations are

the reduction of unbalance excitations
the insulation of structure-borne sound and
the vibration-isolating installation of machines.

A wide range of measuring equipment is available for all the above tasks.

TU Ilmenau / MSys

MKD_tensegrityTU Ilmenau / MSys

Multibody and Structural Dynamics

The investigation of the dynamic behavior of complex mechanical systems and the dimensioning of structures (supporting structures, beams, plates, etc.) under static, dynamic and thermal load are among the important fields of activity of 

the computer-aided simulation of multi-body systems and 
the finite element method

are used as efficient methods in the field, especially for virtual product development. The fields of application are robotics (locomotion and manipulation) and biologically inspired sensor technology.


Smart Materials in Soft Robotics

Magnetic hybrid materials

The application of magnetic hybrid materials, such as magnetoactive elastomers, enables the realization of actuator systems with complex mechanical behavior that can be adapted to the current operating situation. This is the result of magnetically controllable particle-matrix interactions. In this thematic field, the Technical Mechanics Group focuses on the model-based design of such structures that reduce the control effort. Magnetoactive elastomers offer an adequate approach for the motion and control of systems with “intelligent” mechanics. Apedal (i.e. legless and wheelless) locomotion systems and compliant grippers are current application fields.


DFG-Project: "Technical implementation of magnetosensitive elastomers for reversibly magnetically tunable sensor systems"

TU Ilmenau / TM

TU Ilmenau / TM

Multi-stimulable elastomeric materials

Hybrid elastomer materials with actuator and/or sensor properties enable new approaches to the use of compliant materials in robotics. By multiple stimulation of these materials by temperature and magnetic fields, mechanical properties can be specifically adapted to the task at hand. In this innovative field of research, the Technical mechanics Group realises basic research for the synthesis of hybrid elastomer materials with

soft magnetic particles
thermoplastic particles and
thermoplastic elastomer matrix.

DFG-Project: "Development and characterization of soft magnetic materials with anisotropy in the me-chanical properties and multi-stimulated compliance"

Mechatronic Systems


Mobile Robotics

Mobile robots are one of the paradigms of mechatronics because they require a multidisciplinary approach to problems in mechanics, electrical engineering and computer science. Based on the specific competencies in mechanics within the field, research focuses in this area are

the kinematics and dynamics of systems with omnidirectional wheels, including their structural design
the system analysis, modelling and parameter identification
the derivation of model-based control and regulation strategies and
the system integration and prototyping.

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