Team Applied Hardware Systems Research and Development des FG EMSTeam Applied Hardware Systems Research and Development des FG EMS

Team Applied Hardware Systems Research and Development

TU Ilmenau
TU Ilmenau


System Design

We prepare hardware systems that provide synchronized, phase-coherent, multi-channel signal acquisition, transmission, and processing.

Hardware development and integration

This includes hardware development and integration such as integrated circuits (chip design), e.g., for analog signal processing in multi antenna systems, and FPGA programming as well as software development for software defined radios (SDRs), e.g., for high-throughput low-latency multi-channel signal acquisition and real-time signal processing.

Software development

Example target applications are mobile radio propagation measurements (channel sounding), mobile communications, and localization.


Dr.-Ing. Alexander IhlowTU Ilmenau
Dr.-Ing. Alexander Ihlow

Team Manager

Dr.-Ing. Ihlow, Alexander (TU)

Phone: +49 3677 69-4284
Office: Helmholtz building Room 2518a

Andrich, Carsten
Andrich, Carsten

Andrich, Carsten (TU)

Telefon: +49 3677 69-4269
Büro: Helmholtzbau Zimmer H2518a

Team Members

  • Beuster, Julia
  • Dr. Blau, Kurt
  • Drenkhahn, Kevin Etienne
  • Engelhardt, Maximilian
  • Rashidifar, Ali
  • Schubert, Michael
  • Sommerkorn, Gerd
  • Stanko, Daniel
  • Wagner, Christoph