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Kronfeld, Klaus-Peter; Ellinger, Thomas; Köhler, Michael
Microfluidically prepared sensor particles for determination of chloride by fluorescence quenching of matrix-embedded lucigenin. - In: SN applied sciences, ISSN 2523-3971, Bd. 2 (2020), 3, 366, insges. 8 S.

Cao-Riehmer, Jialan; Kalensee, Franziska; Günther, Mike; Köhler, Michael
Microsegmented flow-assisted miniaturized culturing for isolation and characterization of heavy metal-tolerant bacteria. - In: International journal of environmental science and technology, ISSN 1735-2630, Bd. 17 (2020), 1, S. 1-16

Hadzich, Antonella; Groß, Gregor Alexander; Leimbach, Martin; Ispas, Adriana; Bund, Andreas; Flores, Santiago
Characterization of Plukenetia volubilis L. fatty acid-based alkyd resins. - In: Polymer testing, ISSN 1873-2348, Bd. 82 (2020), 106296

Yu, Wei; Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar; Serra, Christophe A.; Köhler, Michael; Ding, Shukai; Bouquey, Michel; Muller, René; Schmutz, Marc; Kraus, Isabelle
Preparation and deep characterization of composite/hybrid multi-scale and multi-domain polymeric microparticles. - In: Materials, ISSN 1996-1944, Bd. 12 (2019), 23, 3921, insges. 13 S.

Köhler, Michael; Kalensee, Franziska; Cao-Riehmer, Jialan; Günther, Mike
Hadesarchaea and other extremophile bacteria from ancient mining areas of the East Harz region (Germany) suggest an ecological long-term memory of soil. - In: SN applied sciences, ISSN 2523-3971, Bd. 1 (2019), 8, 839, insges. 9 S.

Köhler, Michael; Kluitmann, Jonas; Knauer, Andrea
Metal nano networks by potential-controlled in situ assembling of gold/silver nanoparticles. - In: ChemistryOpen, ISSN 2191-1363, Bd. 8 (2019), 12, S. 1369-1374

Tovar Ballen, Miguel Angel; Hengoju, Sundar; Weber, Thomas; Mahler, Lisa; Choudhary, Mahipal; Becker, Tino; Roth, Martin
One sensor for multiple colors: fluorescence analysis of microdroplets in microbiological screenings by frequency-division multiplexing. - In: Analytical chemistry, ISSN 1520-6882, Bd. 91 (2019), 4, S. 3055-3061

Lenk, Claudia; Einax, Mario; Köhler, Michael; Maaß, Philipp
Complex oscillation modes in the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction by weak diffusive coupling. - In: Physical review, ISSN 2470-0053, Bd. 99 (2019), 2, 022202, insges. 6 S.

Tsierkezos, Nikos; Ritter, Uwe; Thaha, Yudi Nugraha; Knauer, Andrea; Fernandes, Diogo; Kelarakis, Antonios; McCarthy, Eoin K.
Boron-doped multi-walled carbon nanotubes as sensing material for analysis of dopamine and epinephrine in presence of uric acid. - In: Chemical physics letters, Bd. 710 (2018), S. 157-167

Köhler, Michael; Kuhfuß, Danja; Witthöft, Phillip; Hentschel, Martina; Knauer, Andrea
Single-photon-single-electron transition for interpretation of optical spectra of nonspherical metal nanoparticles in aqueous colloidal solutions. - In: Journal of nanomaterials, ISSN 1687-4129, Bd. 2018 (2018), 1781389, S. 1-8