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Köhler, Johann Michael; Kalensee, Franziska; Günther, Peter Mike; Schüler, Tim; Cao, Jialan
The local ecological memory of soil: majority and minority components of bacterial communities in prehistorical urns from Schöps (Germany). - In: International journal of environmental research, ISSN 2008-2304, Bd. 12 (2018), 5, S. 575-584

Tovar, Miguel; Weber, Thomas; Hengoju, Sundar; Lovera, Andrea; Munser, Anne-Sophie; Shvydkiv, Oksana; Roth, Martin
3D-glass molds for facile production of complex droplet microfluidic chips. - In: Biomicrofluidics, ISSN 1932-1058, Bd. 12 (2018), 2, S. 024115, insges. 9 S.

Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar R.; Köhler, J. Michael
Single-step in situ assembling routes for the shape control of polymer nanoparticles. - In: Biomacromolecules, ISSN 1526-4602, Bd. 19 (2018), 3, S. 1047-1064

Beckmann, Dieter; Köhler, J. Michael
Editorial: Local separation and interface management strategies for biotechnology and life sciences. - In: Engineering in life sciences, ISSN 1618-2863, Bd. 18 (2018), 2, S. 82-83

Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar R.; Leishman, Christopher W.; Ng, Kara; Yehya, Nicolas; Tobar, Nelson; Eisele, Dörthe Melitta; Köhler, Michael
Surface wrinkling and porosity of polymer particles toward biological and biomedical applications. - In: Advanced materials interfaces, ISSN 2196-7350, Bd. 4 (2017), 24, 1700929, S. 1-15

Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar R.; Li, Xiang; Knauer, Andrea; Prasad, Bhagavatula L. V.; Köhler, Johann Michael
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Cao, Jialan; Schüler, Tim; Köhler, J. Michael
Mikrofluidik - großes Potenzial in kleinen Tropfen. - In: Biospektrum, ISSN 1868-6249, Bd. 23 (2017), 4, S. 394-397

Li, Xiang; Visaveliya, Nikunjkumar; Hafermann, Lars; Groß, G. Alexander; Knauer, Andrea; Köhler, J. Michael
Hierarchically structured particles for micro flow catalysis. - In: The chemical engineering journal, ISSN 1873-3212, Bd. 326 (2017), S. 1058-1065

Cao, Jialan; Hafermann, Lars; Köhler, J. Michael
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Lenk, Claudia; Mattea, Carlos; Stapf, Siegfried; Köhler, J. Michael
Optimising sodium silica gel for Ferroin immobilization. - In: Journal of porous materials, ISSN 1573-4854, Bd. 24 (2017), 4, S. 923-932