Girls' Day at the TU Ilmenau: Apply now

Zwei Personen im Labor der TU Ilmenau,  in der Mixed-Reality- und Augmented-Reality-Technologien erforscht werdenTU Ilmenau/Eckhardt Schoen
A lab at TU Ilmenau where mixed reality and augmented reality technologies are being researched

On Girls' Day on April 28, 2022, the Technische Universität Ilmenau opens its doors and gives curious young women and girls from the 5th grade exciting insights into research and teaching - this year both online and on site. There are workshops on medical technology, virtual reality, signal processing and programming. Interested parties can register for all offerings until April 27 at www.girls-day.de

The nationwide action day, which takes place once a year, is the world's largest career guidance event that promotes career and study choices free of role clichés. The aim is for girls in particular to discover unknown talents in themselves and thus become interested in studying or even in a profession in the STEM area - mathematics, computer science, natural science and technology - be inspired.

At TU Ilmenau this year, Girls' Day participants will gain insights into a particularly exciting research trend in a workshop held by the Group of Electronic Media Technology: mixed reality and augmented reality, the expansion of reality by adding artificial, virtual objects. They will create an audio system themselves that contains all the essential components of augmented reality, from recording to signal processing to playback, and with which listeners can move freely in this virtual acoustic reality.

In a workshop held by the Group of Electronic Measurement and Signal Processing, everything revolves around radio waves and radio signals: How do you measure them and what do they do? Live, the participants look at radio signals in the electromagnetic spectrum: Which radio services are "in the air"? And what basic signal properties can be detected by simple means? In addition to answers to these questions, the lecture provides an insight into the possible contents of an engineering course and encourages participants to continue experimenting independently at home.

In the offering from the Institute of Biomedical Engineering and Computer Science, the girls learn what the measurement of electrical voltage has to do with muscle strength, physical fitness and brain activity during an interactive virtual tour of the laboratories. At the same time, they learn about the research focus of "Electrical Warning," which explores how electrical surges are used to warn people of health hazards.

In the workshop "Fly with us to Mars" of the Open Roberta Coding Hub Ilmenau (ORCHI), the participants playfully take on the challenge of programming. They program colorful rockets and the countdown to the launch and realize their personal mission into space. In this way, they creatively acquire knowledge in dealing with digital media, robots and programming.

Girls' Day is sponsored by the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. Info: www.girls-day.de



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