PhD Day

Save the Date!

Welcome to the PhD Day 2024 at TU Ilmenau on 19 June  from 9:00 to 15:00!

We are pleased to invite all doctoral students, Master's students and those interested in academic development to attend in this PhD Day at TU Ilmenau.  This event promises diverse program highlights tailored to support your doctoral journey and provide insights into future career opportunities.

Our program includes:

1. Insightful Sessions on Doctoral Topics

In various sessions, doctoral candidates and university contacts from different departments will shed light on important aspects of the doctorate. From planning and implementation to the publication of research results, all relevant areas will be covered.

2. Lunch talk with alumni of the university

Connect with successful graduates of TU Ilmenau during our lunch talk! Benefit from their experiences and insights, gaining valuable tips for your academic journey.

3. Talent Fair

A unique opportunity to find out about possible doctoral positions! Departments of the TU Ilmenau will showcase their current research projects and open positions, providing an opportunity to meet potential supervisors.

The organization team - consisting of the PhD Council, the Equality, the MNI e.V. and the Graduate Center - is looking forward to welcoming you in large numbers!



9:00 Opening

by the Vice President for Research and Young Scientists, Prof. Dr. Stefan Sinzinger and the PhD Council

9:30 Keynote

"A view on holistic doctoral supervision" by Dr Helke Hillebrand, University of Heidelberg (Audimax)

10:30 Session 1:

Pros and Cons of a Doctorate with the PhD Council (Hu 211/12)

Thinking about whether a doctorate is right for you? In “Pros and Cons of a Doctorate”, you have the opportunity to gain insights from current doctoral students at various stages of their doctorate and get answers to your questions.

Project- and Selfmanagement  with Franziska Dettke/Start up Service (Hu 210)

SMART, SWOT, Eisenhower, to do, Pomodoro, retrospective - all terms that have something to do with project management and that everyone has heard of. In this session, we will approach the question of what project management and, above all, self-management have to do with doctoral studies.

Mental Health with Carolin Stotzka/Psychological counselling (Hu 204)

Would you like to know how you can do a healthy doctorate and what support services are available at the TU ILmenau? In this session you will get first impulses, what you should pay attention to and who you can contact with your questions.

Changing the Rules  with the PhD Council (Hu 202)

Be active and move the university with you! The legal basis for doctoral studies is regularly discussed in various committees at the university and beyond. We have the opportunity to help shape these rules and change them if necessary. The most important rule of the PhD Council: there is always cake - today too, of course!

Keynote-Workshop with Dr Helke Hillebrand (Hu 201)

Doctoral supervision is crucial for universities as it promotes knowledge and future leaders. To ensure effective doctoral training, universities must create favorable conditions. Discuss the complexity of supervision tasks and the need for qualification measures.

11:15 Session 2:

Process of a Doctorate with the PhD Council (Hu 211/12)

The doctorate is divided into several phases. Accordingly, the university also has different stages that must be completed. How do I enrol as a doctoral student? What does acceptance by the faculty mean? What examinations await me at the end of my doctorate? What may change in the near future?

Publication  with Dr Katrin Günther/University Library (Hu 210)

At some point in every academic career, there comes a point when one's own research results need to be published. The selection of a suitable publication medium is often a challenge for young researchers. The session will address the basic aspects of publishing.

Dealing with interpersonal challenges with Carolin Stotzka/Psychological counselling (Hu 204)

Doing a doctorade sometimes means dealing with challenges – concerning your thesis, your role as PhD student or interpersonal conflicts. In this session you will get some impulses how to deal with interpersonal conflicts and how to communicate effectively taking into account your special role as PhD student.

My Role as a Teacher  with Dr Katja Tonisch/Lecturer at the Department for Mathematics and Natural Sciences (Hu 202)

As PhD student you may find yourself as teacher in front of a seminar room, as supervisor for practical courses, or even as supervisor for bachelor and master students writing their thesis. This workshop will give first inputs combined with a small group reflection about how to manage the role change from being teached to teaching.

Good Scientific Practice with Milena Pfafferott/University Library (Hu 201)

Scientific work follows various rules, both with regard to one's own work and to the scientific environment. This session focuses on the central points of good scientific practice and shows that serious scientific work is not witchcraft.

12:00 Talent Fair and Pitches (Hu HS) & aluMNI Talk "Climbing the ladder" (Audimax)

13:00 Lunch Break (Foyer)

13:45 Session 3:

Life as a PhD  with the PhD Council (Hu 211/12)

What do I actually do all day? In this workshop, we want to shed light on various daily routines and take a look at a mixture of organization, teaching tasks, project management and what else ends up on the to-do list - research, hopefully.

Research Data Management with Kevin Lindt/Data Steward (Hu 210)

Research Data Management: What's this, and why should I care?
The organization, storage, and documentation of your research data are essential tasks over the entire period of your doctorate. In this session, you will learn about the different aspects of research data management and the available (and planned) services to support you. We will especially focus on the aspect of dataset publication and how this benefits both the scientific community and you.

What about parenting, care and other engagements?  with Dr Katja Tonisch/Equal Opportunities Officer (Hu 204)

Doing a PhD often takes place in a stage of life that is called rushhour of life. How to combine the care for children oder elder relatives, the committement for social, civil oder political engagement with doing a PhD?

Academic Contracts Act with Marko Hennhöfer/Staff Council (Hu 202)

The Academic Contracts Act regulates the employment of doctoral candidates and contract extensions in academia. By understanding the WissZeitVG, doctoral candidates can better plan their careers and prepare for the challenges that can come with fixed-term contracts in the academic sector.

Start up your own Business  with Franziska Dettke/Start up Service (Hu 201)

Starting your own business after your doctorate sounds tempting? Our start-up service tells you what you need to keep in mind and introduces you to the support services you can take advantage of at TU Ilmenau.

14:30 Session 4:

Financing a Doctorate with the PhD Council (Hu 211/12)

Patents and Inventions with PATON (Hu 210)

Should I stay or should I go now? Leaving Academia with Alexandra Dalek/Graduate Center (Hu 204)

In (professional) life, you are often faced with decisions that are not easy to make and should not be taken lightly. Together, we want to find out what options there are for making a decision for or against the path you have chosen.

Building Your Career in Germany with Ayotunde Akinsoyinu/International Office (Hu 202)

Unlock new opportunities with our workshop, "PhD as an International: Building Your Career in Germany." Tailored for international PhD students, this session will provide invaluable insights into navigating the German job market and leveraging your academic credentials for a successful career. Join us to gain practical tips on successfully transitioning from academia to industry in Germany.

What means: Research? with the PhD Council (Hu 201)

Research can take on very different forms and tasks depending on the discipline. What is research when it deals with the theoretical foundations? What is research if it involves practical laboratory experiments? Exchange formats are also an essential part of research. What are conferences actually? And is it possible to spend time abroad?

15:00 Networking & ice cream


PhD Day

Save the Date_PhD Day 2023TU Ilmenau/Graduate Center

On June 7, 2023, we celebrated a PhD Day at TU Ilmenau for the first time. In addition to many interesting program items, our doctoral candidates (and those who want to become doctoral candidates) could expect an informative and varied agenda on the topic of doctorates.

  • How do you finance it?
  • How do you plan your project?
  • How do you do a doctorate with children?
  • How do you teach?
  • What can you do for your mental health?

These and other aspects were discussed. During the lunch talk, Ilmenau alumni talked about what happened to them after their doctorate, the (re)paths they had to take and whether doing a doctorate has paid off for their career.

We were delighted that so many young academics responded to our call and joined us for a day dedicated entirely to the topic of doctorates. The organizational team - consisting of the PhD Council, Equality, the MNI e.V. and the Graduate Center - would like to thank all colleagues for their active support and their willingness to answer questions on the various topics related to doctoral studies.

PhD Day 2023Rebecca Petrich
Promovierendentag 2023Rebecca Petrich
PhD Day 2023Rebecca Petrich
PhD Day 2023Rebecca Petrich