Below you will find information on research funding programs. We have compiled links to the most common scholarship databases. There you can use your individual search criteria to find funding opportunities. You will also find an overview of research funding organizations that offer programs for funding your own position and for project funding.

TU Ilmenau
Wissenschaftlicher NachwuchsTU Ilmenau
JuniorprofessurTU Ilmenau
Postdoctoral scholarship for women at TU Ilmenau

The post-doctoral scholarship program strengthens the promotion of young women in the transition from a doctorate to an academic career. The scholarship promotes independent research and the acquisition of teaching experience. In the form of individual support, it offers the opportunity to define one's own research topic and to further develop one's academic personality. A special feature of the funding at the TU Ilmenau is to support young female scientists in networking and thus strengthen their visibility in their specialist community. The scholarship holders are encouraged to make active contact with other groups in their field. Partnerships that are currently being established are to be expanded and deepened. In this way, the TU Ilmenau aims to offer a career springboard.

Details of the program can be found here.

Neil Thomas_Unsplash
Mentoring program "Acquisition of third-party funding"

Our mission is to strengthen your skills and knowledge in acquiring external funding and to provide you with the tools to successfully acquire financial resources for your projects. We understand the challenges researchers face when it comes to attracting external funding for research and innovation. Our mentoring program is designed to help you overcome these hurdles and achieve your goals.

Our experienced mentors are there to support you personally and offer tailored support. They will help you develop third-party funding applications, identify suitable funding sources and optimize your project ideas.

Participation in our mentoring program is open to all early career researchers who would like to acquire third-party funding for their projects. Please send us an e-mail with an expression of interest and we will find the right mentor for your project.