Have you always been fascinated by LEGO robots, quadrocopters or hoverboards?

Do you think it's great that autonomous vacuum cleaners can do the work for us?

And do you enjoy improving technical processes yourself and making them more sustainable?

Then mechatronics is the right study program for you!

Short profile

Bachelor of Science
Restrictions on admission-Icon
Restrictions on admission
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Standard period of study
6 semester
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Start of studies
October 1
Basic internship-Icon
Basic internship
8 weeks
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Credit points
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Brief description

Mechatronics is all about the intelligence under the hood: How do I make modern machines "smart"? How can their efficiency be improved and theirCO2 emissions reduced? What can we learn from nature? And how do man and machine work together best?

These and other exciting questions concerning the development, production and marketing of complex technical products are the focus of your studies in mechatronics, a highly interdisciplinary engineering science between electrical engineering, computer science and mechanical engineering. It forms the backbone of many technical systems - from smartphones to electric cars and biomedical devices. Mechatronics is modern mechanical engineering.

In your studies, you will learn to design precisely these technical systems, to design electronic circuits, to develop software for microcomputers and to regulate mechatronic systems, making them safer and better. Special fields of application and focus in Ilmenau are microsystems technology and biomechatronics, which combines mechatronics with biology and medicine.

In this way, you will develop methodological knowledge and interdisciplinary skills that you, as a mechatronics technician, can use, for example, to ensure that engine and transmission are perfectly matched and environmental pollution is minimized, or you contribute to progress in medicine or resource-saving production with robotics and sensor technology.

Whether as a team leader in international development teams or in course research, in the automotive industry, aerospace technology, IT and electronics industry or biomedical technology: As a mechatronics engineer, you are guaranteed to be a sought-after engineer who anticipates trends and helps shape the future.

Application with German certificates

Application with foreign certificates

The personal support makes it easy to keep track of the different areas of mechatronics: Electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and computer science.

Bruno Ramirez


Why Ilmenau?

In biomechatronics, the TU Ilmenau has the only university chair in Germany to date. If you love interdisciplinary work and are enthusiastic about biology, medicine and technology, you will learn everything about the application of mechatronic systems on and in the organism and the derivation of active principles of biological models for technology.

Would you like to specialize in microsystems technology? Then you can work in internships, projects or for your thesis with state-of-the-art equipment at the Center for Micro- and Nanotechnologies (ZMN), where top international research is conducted. We involve you in our research early on in your studies.

Because the distances at the university are short, the contact to the teaching staff is fast and direct. Thanks to mentors and tutors, you will receive intensive and individual support.

For even more practical experience, you can expand your studies with "practicING" to include additional interdisciplinary courses. In addition, you have numerous opportunities for internships or theses in a local, Germany-wide or even worldwide company and can contribute to research projects as a research assistant at research institutions such as the IMMS Institute for Microelectronic and Mechatronic Systems and earn some extra money.

In the master's program you can deepen your knowledge. If you want, you can even do a double degree. Then you spend parts of your studies at a university in France or Peru and learn more about other exciting application areas such as mining, rural economy or microtechnology.

But you can also get involved and develop yourself outside of your studies: in the numerous clubs and initiatives such as Team Starcraft or the Engineers without Borders, but also in the student clubs on campus or at university sports.


Jonas studies mechatronics at the TU Ilmenau


Discover your studies: Dietmar studies Mechatronics at the TU Ilmenau

Through Ilmenau with Janine and Marcel

Janine and Marcel take you on an exciting tour through the campus of the TU Ilmenau and through Ilmenau itself. They describe how they live and study in Ilmenau, give numerous leisure time tips and insights into the place of study of the Ilmenau University of Technology and take you to hidden places in the city.

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Content of study

Common engineeringfundamentals (e.g. mathematics, physics, electromagnetics, computer science, fundamentals of mechanical engineering)

31 %

Fundamentals of Mechatronics1 (e.g. electronic and optoelectrophysiological, engineering elements, system technology, technical mechanics, materials, machine elements)

22 %

Optional compulsory modules, choice between: Mechatronic systems | bio-mechatronics | micro-mechatronics

8 %


3 %

Basic and professional internship / bachelor thesis

14 %
Detailed subject overview: Modultafel Mechatronics (Module List)


  • General mechatronics
  • Optomechatronics

Practice during studies

The basic internship is a course of study with a total duration of 8 weeks. If possible, it should be completed before the studies. The specialist internship in the 6th semester lasts 10 weeks and can be completed in companies in Germany and abroad.

Fields of work

  • Biomechatronics
  • Microsystems engineering and nanotechnology
  • Automotive supply industry
  • IT and electronics industry
  • Medical Technology
  • Measurement and control technology
  • Precision engineering equipment and mechanical engineering
Michael Reichel (ari)
Studierende sitzen am TischTU Ilmenau/ari

Study Information Day

Michael Reichel (ari)

To the Master's program


Program coordinator

Study organisation

Dipl.-Ing. Jana Buchheim

+49 3677 69-2494

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