Study Commission

The study commission of the faculty supports the dean in fulfilling his tasks and prepares the faculty decisions in connection with teaching and studying. The individual areas of responsibility can be found in §19 of the Basic Regulations of the TU Ilmenau.

Members (by resolution of the Faculty Council IA of 12.07.2023):


Prof. Dr. Dietrich Kuske (without voting rights)


Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Jens Haueisen
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Johann Reger
Prof. Dr.-Ing. Patrick Mäder (advisory)


Dr.-Ing. Bernd Däne
Dr.-Ing. Marcus Paradies
Dr.-Ing. Karsten Henke (advisory)


Christoph Sören Gensmer, BT
Debora Linda Booz, IN
Lukas Werner Kunze, TKS (advisory)

Study Program Commissions
  • The SG-commissions can be found on the page of the respective study program(Link)


Equal Opportunities Officer of the Faculty
+ Contact Person for International Staff and Students

Cordula Giewald
cordula.giewald(at) Tel. +49 (0)3677 69 4551