07.12.2022 Congratulations!

Prof. Pu Li and Qais Yousef want to make road traffic safer for drivers and pedestrians. Their gold medal-winning patent for online pedestrian intention estimation for autonomous vehicles uses artificial intelligence to avoid accidents. Within milliseconds, it analyzes a pedestrian's facial expression and displays a prediction to the driver assistance system or autonomous vehicle as to whether the pedestrian wants to cross the road. If a pedestrian actually wants to cross the road, the car has more time to reduce its speed and let him pass. Qais Yousef, a research associate at the Process Optimization Department, explains what sets his patent apart:

"While comparable systems read the pedestrians' movement, we focus on their facial expressions. Our technology captures images of pedestrians, classifies facial expressions, and estimates their intent before they move. Thus, unconscious communication between drivers and pedestrians is enabled to ensure normal driving behavior and road user safety."

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