30.06.2021 Welcome to the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation!

Dr.-Ing. Patrick Mäder is the head of the new chair "Data Intensive Systems and Visualization" at the Institute PIMI since June 2021.

After his studies at the TU Ilmenau, he worked as a consultant and software developer in projects of various automotive manufacturers and suppliers. In 2005 he started his PhD at the TU Ilmenau and worked on the continuous traceability of software developments. For his work he received the Thuringian STIFT Award. From 2010, he was a Lise-Meitner Fellow at the Johannes Kepler University Linz at the Institute for Software Systems Engineering.

Since 2012, he has acquired, worked on, and coordinated numerous third-party funded projects at TU Ilmenau, primarily on topics related to software engineering and machine learning. During this time, he spent various research stays of several months at DePaul University Chicago in the field of requirements engineering. Since 2016, he has been an assistant professor at the endowed chair of software engineering for safety-critical systems at the Faculty of Computer Science and Automation and has expanded it to a department with 18 research assistants. His research is dedicated to topics in the areas of secure and reliable software; scalable, multi-modal and explainable machine learning; and computational biology and ecology.