• Construction:  2015
  • Project:   ROREAS


  • Hardware Platform:   MetraLabs SCITOS G3
  • Schematic diagram
  • Size:
    footprint 0,45m * 0,55m
    height 1,5m
    weight 70kg
  • Drive:
    differential drive
    2 driven wheels
    1 castor wheel
  • Sensors:
    omnidirectional camera Metralabs 4x µEye122xLE-C (USB) rig on top of head
    3 Asus RGB-D cameras (two in driving direction, one backward)
    2 laser range finders SICK S300 at height 0.2m (frontal, backward)
    bumper ring at bottom
  • Onboard-PC:
    main system
       i7-3270QM (2.6 GHz)
       8 GB
  • secondary system
       i7-4500U (1.8 GHz)
       8 GB
  • Power Supply:
    40 Ah Li-Ion
    8h operating time
  • Other:
    2x 14” touch sensitive displays
    sound system
    Metralabs 6-DoF head with 2 eyes

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RINGO (2016)
  Full picture


RINGO (2016)
 Full picture