Hauptseminar Neuroinformatik


A Hauptseminar serves to practice dealing with scientific and/or demanding technical texts in a receiving and presenting manner. The main task of a student is therefore the independent, but supervised processing of foreign scientific literature up to the own understanding and the presentation of this material in a lecture in front of other students with questioning and discussion on a scientific level.
Attendance is required for students working on a Hauptseminarseminar in the lab - this is an elective required course credit.


To participate in the Hauptseminar, please enroll in the moodle course  Hauptseminar Neuroinformatik WS 22/23



Schedule winter semester 2022/23

Date and TimePresenting studentThemeSupervisor 
18.10.22, 13:00 Introduction to the Haupt-/Proseminar
(15 - 20 min)
Dr. Andrea Scheidig 
18.10.22, 13:30Nicolas HeyerImplementierung einer Hindernisvisualisierung zur ferngesteuerten Robotersteuerung
(Hauptseminar - Final Presentation)
M. Sc. Söhnke Fischedick
M. Sc. Tim Wengefeld
29.11.22 The Event is canceled!  
13.12.22Pia TaterkaAdaptive Resonance Theory in Zeiten von DeepLearning
(Abschlussvortrag, Raum Z2073)
Dr. Steffen Müller 
24.01.23 The Event is canceled!  
  Additional date on 16.02.23, hybrid event in Room Z3051  
16.02.23, 13:00Elisa HilbrechtLauftraing in der klinischen Rehabilitation unter Einsatz tragbarer Sensoren
(Hauptseminar - Final Presentation)
Dr. Andrea Scheidig