COVID, Lockdown and Conspiracies – Andreas Schwarz gives lecture at the Children's and Kid's University about communication in health crises

On the topic of "COVID, Lockdown, and Conspiracies: Does Communication Make You (Un)Healthy?", Dr. Andreas Schwarz, Head of the Group for Public Relations and Technology Communication at the IfMK, gave a lecture at the Children's and Kid's University, which takes place annually at the TU Ilmenau.

Numerous kids had the opportunity to get a taste of the everyday life of students and science on campus - unfortunately only with a very limited number of participants due to the current pandemic situation. Nevertheless, many exciting lectures were offered to the kids in the region both online and in person. Dr. Schwarz showed with his lecture how communication works in health crises, how fakenews or conspiracy myths spread and what effects this can have on the health of all of us.


We research various structural, content-related and social dimensions of strategic communication, including in the context of technology-oriented organizations. Our focus is on public relations & organizational communication, risk and crisis communication, communication with and about technologies, and international strategic communication.

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In the area of teaching, we deal as a field of expertise with the areas of public relations, crisis communication, international communication, communicator research as well as media change and social media.

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The research group for Public Relations and Communication of Technology consists of the department head Dr. Andreas Schwarz and the three research assistants Francis Alpers, Elisabeth U. Wagner-Olfermann, and Tatjana Faj. Melanie Waltinger currently supports the team as team assistant.

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