Start of VEDIAS-VR teaching

The lectures in the context of the VEDIAS-VR project have started: The lectures kicked off in the course Intercultural Communication of the research group Media Studies by Yi Xu and Prof. Dr. Liane Rothenberger (formerly TU Ilmenau, since September 2021 at the Catholic University Eichstätt-Ingolstadt).

The event took place in Social Virtual Reality on the virtual campus of TU Ilmenau developed by our research group. About 40 international students participated from different countries in the hybrid course, i.e. in both face-to-face and online format first via Webex, and then met in the replicated Audimax. Prof. Rothenberger and Ms. Xu used VR technology to deliver the lecture, allowing them to communicate more interactively with the students to impart knowledge around intercultural communication in a more expressive way.

More VR seminars are planned for the course in December. The mentoring network we4you will follow up with accompanying events in social VR around intercultural exchange starting November 17.