We offer the following courses in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes. Please note that not every lecture takes place in every semester. Current information as well as handouts and exercises can be found on the module pages in moodle.

Summer Term







Our department offers a variety of topics for various types of projects (media projects, thesis, Hauptseminar, research project, research seminar...). You can find an exhaustive list here : https://cloud.tu-ilmenau.de/s/NJBC6rTWjT3XJZ2.

If you are interested in one or more topics, please approach the responsible staff member via eMail. Before you do that, please make sure that you have a basic understanding of the topic (foundational literature) and that you have read the reference paper (if any).

Please refrain from asking anything like "Do you have a topic?", "I have interest in all topics!" and the like. If you need more information on one or a few specific topics, feel free to ask.

Graduate colloquium

The graduate colloquium serves the (scientific) exchange between the graduates among themselves as well as with the teaching staff of the group.

Participation in the graduate colloquium is obligatory for all internal and external graduates (bachelor, master, diploma or project work) of the group Virtual Worlds and Digital Games. The respective qualification thesis must be presented in detail at least once.

The event takes place regularly during the lecture period approximately once a month. Information about the dates and the allocation of presentation dates is provided by the secretariat(Anja Hofmann) via email.

Previous theses

A list of all previous theses (Bachelor, Master, Diploma) can be found here .