Augmented Reality

Augmented reality extends the user's natural environment with virtual content. Two types can be distinguished here: The visual and the acoustic augmentation of reality. Here in the field, mainly visual augmentation is researched, with the main focus on the quality and realism of the representation.

Visual augmentation

Virtual content is primarily artificial 3D objects that correctly overlay the user's perspective. They fit as seamlessly as possible into the real environment so that both are perceived as a unit by the viewer (Figure 1). This is made possible with the help of realistic lighting models that include the real environment in the calculation. Likewise, the real environment should not only be overlaid by virtual content but also further influenced by effects such as shadows or reflections in order to achieve a credible embedding. In addition to the integration of complex three-dimensional objects, the extension by two-dimensional content in the form of overlays also belongs to the field of augmented reality.


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