Successful dissertation at the Advanced Electromagnetics Group

M. Sc. Thomas Reum has successfully completed his dissertation

TU Ilmenau

On June 02, 2022, M.Sc. Thomas Reum successfully defended his dissertation with the topic Conformal Electromagnetic Wave Propagation using Primal Mimetic Finite Elements . The doctoral committee, chaired by Prof. Dr. Schaaf (Materials in Electrical Engineering Group), further consisted of the reviewers Prof. Dr. Töpfer (Advanced Electromagnetics Group), Prof. Dr. Ulm (Heilbronn University) and Dr. Jacobs (Dresden University of Technology) as well as Prof. Dr. Hein (High Frequency and Microwave Engineering Group) and Dr. Petkovic (Advanced Electromagnetics Group).

Mr. Reum was a doctoral student of Prof. Dr. Hannes Töpfer and continues to work as a research associate at the Advanced Electromagnetics Group.