Courses offered by the Advanced Electromagnetics Group

Our courses are part of the basic education of the bachelor programs of the faculties of electrical engineering and informationtechnology, computer science and automation, mechanicalengineering andmathematics and natural sciencesas well as in the diploma program of electrical engineering and information technologyand in consecutive master programs. In these, in addition to knowledge of the theory and application of the electromagnetic field, an understanding of electromagnetic CAD, numerical field computation, inverse problems, technical electrodynamics and quantum information processing with superconducting components are promoted.

A characteristic of the education at our department is the ability of the students to do independent scientific work in electrical engineering and on interdisciplinary cross-sectional tasks. Consequently, we strive to involve students in research projects of the department at an early stage, for example by preparing qualification theses. The aspect of interdisciplinarity is also taken into account by offering study visits to St. Petersburg, Moscow and Nis.