• CAM lab: Data conditioning tools for machine control in manufacturing processes in clean rooms (for example punching data); plotting of photo masks
  • PCB technology: Production of doubled-sided printed circuit boards based on FR-4 or high-frequency-PCB-materials (for example Rogers 6002)
  • Thick film and LTCC technology: 60 m² clean room; preparation of printing screens; Processing of photo-sensitive thick film pastes (Fodel process), Laser machining
  • Assembly technology: solder paste stencil printing; SMD placement and reflow; Direct Chip Attach (wire bonding and Flipchip assembly); packaging of elements; encapsulation of components with dispenser (Glob Top or Underfill), vacuum soldering
  • Element analysis: X-ray structure analysis (2D and tomography) to study electrical packages (e.g. wire bonding)
  • Micro-ultrasound analysis to detect voids and delaminations
  • IR thermal imaging system: Automated thermal measurement of modules by means of infrared thermal imaging using an FLIR camera system (minimal pixel resolution 18 µm)


  • Printed Circuit Board Lab
  • Laserlab
  • LTCC- and Thick Film Lab (Cleanroom)
  • Lab Print Screen Preparation (Cleanroom)
  • Assembly-Lab I (Soldering)
  • Assembly-Lab II (Pick-and Place, Wire bonding, Encapsulation)
  • RF- and IR-Measurement Lab
  • Reliability Lab (Temperature Chamber etc.)