Welcome to the Power Electronics and Control Group

TU Ilmenau / FG LSE

Power electronics plays a central role in electrical power engineering. Power electronic components allow to convert electrical energy with a high efficiency such that they can be found in various application areas. Due to this position, numerous interfaces to adjacent disciplines arise.

The Power Electronics and Control Group is dedicated to the integration of power electronic subsystems in power engineering applications from a systemic point of view. Since the power electronic components usually play the role of the actuator, the following aspects are relevant:

  • modelling and simulation,
  • the design of control algorithms as well as
  • their implementation in digital signal processing systems.

They are subject of research in the group. In addition to the teaching of power electronics fundamentals, the teaching takes up these aspects and deepens them.

The group is the patron of the VDE university group at TU Ilmenau. Among other activities, it organises the lecture series "Current Challenges in Electrical Engineering".